Dog Boarding

General boarding consists of two different sized rooms. The larger is a 5×8 and smaller is a 4×4, both are good size kennels allowing ample space to be comfortable for any size dog. All of our rooms have cots provided but you’re welcome to bring your own bed as well. We get everyone outside 5 times a day to an exercise yard and we even come back at 9:30 at night to walk one more time before bed. We also play soothing music for relaxing!


4ft by 4ft Rooms


5ft by 8ft Rooms


Indoor Outdoor Rooms

Indoor/outdoor rooms are 5×8 (same as general boarding) on the inside but have¬†access to an outdoor run as well. Guests staying in the indoor/outdoor rooms still go out to an exercise yard to run and play.

Luxury Suites

Suites are their own private luxury rooms with private TV’s, webcams, tiled floors, and the biggest private exercise yard of the place. They also have plush over-sized beds provided for maximum comfort. These rooms are just like home!

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